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About Us

Pumpkin Hollow Gourds

Pumpkin Hollow Gourds is the largest commercial gourd farm in the mid-south area. We offer 30+ varieties of gourds in a range of shapes and sizes. Please visit our gourd catalog for details. If you have questions about specific gourds or their uses, please e-mail or call us. We ship gourds domestically and internationally. As gourd growers, our goal is to consistently provide quality gourds and great service to our customers.

Our History

We never intended to have a gourd farm. As our daughter says “God gave us gourds!” In 1990 we were growing several acres of tomatoes and bell peppers. We had one row of plastic mulch at the end of transplanting. I rounded up all the garden seeds I had including a “mystery pack” I had received from Gurney’s vegetable catalog. I thought perhaps the plant was a winter squash of some sort; but by the end of the season, the mystery pack revealed itself to be basketball gourds. I was intrigued and the next summer planted a large variety pack of gourd seeds in an old hog lot. The rest as they say is history. I met a local lady who knew about the American Gourd Society, we attended a gourd show in Kentucky, and then my daughter introduced us to the Internet. We are now the largest gourd supplier in the mid-south region. In addition to our acres of field grown gourds, we have two huge gourd trellises where we grow long handled dipper gourds, Indonesians, and other types of gourds that we want to have straight handles. We travel to 6 spring gourd shows, ship gourds internationally, and sell gourds to our visitors to the farm. Gourds have radically changed our lives. We have gourd friends all across the country. I have even been exchanging gourd e-mails with a new grower in Israel. Who could have imagined such a thing?

Our customers include birding enthusiasts, decorative painters, and fine artists. Their enthusiasm for gourds motivates us to try fun new varieties and to always attempt to improve our product.

We have found that Arkansas is a wonderful place to grow our 30+ varieties of gourds. We have the long warm (hot!) summers that gourds love. We have available water to irrigate, and have gourd-friendly soils. We continually try to educate ourselves on methods of growing a quality gourd. It’s a never ending quest. Our goal is to provide a consistent quality product and provide excellent customer service.

Pumpkin Hollow, LLC

Darrell and Ellen Dalton, Owners

610 CR 336 Piggott, Arkansas 72454

Phone (870) 598-3568

e-mail: [email protected]