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Bushel Gourds

Posted on Jan 1, 2017 by in Out of Stock |

Bushel Gourd

Bushel Gourds are used throughout the world as a large container for many commodities. Bushel gourds make a canvas for large scenes and baskets.  Artists who want to create large pieces will want to add Bushel Gourds to their gourd shopping list.  12″ AND LARGER BUSHEL GOURDS OUT OF STOCK UNTIL SPRING.

Size Price (uncleaned) Bulk Price (uncleaned)
10 inch diameter $7.00 3 for $20.00
11 inch diameter $9.00 3 for $25.00
12 inch diameter $12.00 3 for $30.00
13 inch diameter $13.00
>14 inch diameter Call or e-mail for pricing

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