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Martin Gourds

Posted on Aug 1, 2021 by in In Stock |

Martin Gourds are our BEST SELLING GOURDS FOR CRAFTS AND BIRDHOUSES! Martin birdhouses have been used by Native Americans for centuries. Martins appear to be “programmed” to nest in these gourds. Because this gourd has a hard shell and sits flat, many crafters also choose it for baskets, bowls, and other decorative containers.

Size Price (uncleaned) Bulk Price (uncleaned)
5-7 inch diameter $4.00 3 for $10.00
7-9 inch diameter $5.00 5 for $20.00 Out OF  STOCK
9-10 inch diameter $6.00 5 for $25.00  OUT OF STOCK
>10 inch diameter $7.00 5 for $30.00 OUT OF STOCK

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